Dry Skin : the complete guide

Dry Skin: The Complete Guide

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Our skin protects us from the external environment, and we need to maintain our skin and keep it healthy. And as usual, nature never stops from amazing us by taking up this responsibility as well. Sebaceous glands, present in the dermis layer of skin, produces and excretes sebum to protect and lubricate our skin. This sebum contains natural moisturizers in form of oils, fats, lipids, etc. that are vital for the proper functioning of the skin, as well as the appearance. When these glands do not function properly and our skin is depleted of these natural moisturizers, our skin may feel tight, itchy, flaky, and rough. This is what we call dry skin type. Dry skin type is normal and can be taken care of with proper knowledge. Read this article to know all about dry skin type and how to take care of it.